Covid-19 analysis version 6.1

Introducing a cache to speed up processing#

The latest version of our CovidCases and CovidCasesWHO classes supports a pre-generated cache to speed up the processing. The cache is for instance used on our internal webserver and during the generation of the daily maps. Refer to the CovidCases class 6.1 documentation and the CovidCases sub-classes 6.1 documentation for details.

Introducing an environment variable to locate data#

This version introduces the use of an environment variable to identify the directory name of previously generated data such as the Folium maps. It’s used in the CovidFoliumMapGenerator as well as in the latest version of the REST API where you also find the documentation about it and notes on how to create it under Linux and MacOS.

Updated REST API#

The REST API of this version includes two new functions to provide access to maps generated by the CovidFoliumMapGenerator and the CSV file representing the above mentioned cache file.

Smaller fixes#

Additionally there were fixes of small bugs/problems that are well documented in the closed issues list on GitHub.

All updated source code can be downloaded from our Covid-19 analysis repository on GitHub.