7-day incidence in countries of the world (updated TUE-SAT)

WHO data of the countries of the world#

This map shows the Covid-19 data of the WHO for the different countries of the world. The colour range is based on the 7-day incidence per 100K population. This normalized value allows you to compare the situation in different countries. By moving the mouse you can hover over the map to show the data for the selected region as a tooltip.

For best experience open the map in a new browser tab

The WHO is updating the data Monday to Friday and publishes the data the day after. Therefore all WHO based maps on this website are updated Tuesday to Saturday.

Fields shown in the tooltip#

Column Description
GeoName The name of the state.
Cases The overall number of confirmed infections (here called cases) since December 31st. 2019.
Deaths The overall number of deaths of confirmed cases since December 31st. 2019.
PercentDeaths The percentage of deaths of the confirmed cases. This is also called Case-Fatality-Rate (CFR) which is an estimation for the Infection-Fatality-Rate (IFR) which also includes unconfirmed (hidden or dark) infections
DailyCases The daily number of confirmed cases.
DailyDeaths The daily number of deaths of confirmed cases.
Incidence7DayPer100Kpopulation The accumulated 7-day incidence. That is the sum of the daily cases of the last 7 days divided by the population in 100000 people.
CasesPerMillionPopulation The number of Cases divided by the population in million
DeathsPerMillionPopulation The number of Deaths divided by the population in million