Covid-19 analysis version 4.1

MacOS web client application#

Version 4.1 now includes a native MacOS application to make use of the web service. The application has been written in Swift 5 using Storyboard and AppKit delegate. The functionality is provided by the CoronaWebClient class.
The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is implemented in a ViewController that handles not only the controls within the view but also the standard menu items like File and Edit to store a plot respectively to copy it to the clipboard.
The application supports the MacOS dark mode automatically.
You can download the typical MacOS DMG setup here. Just open the DMG and drag the application to the application directory:

Covid-19 analysis version 4.1 DMG

This is a screenshot of the application:

Covid-19 analysis version 4.1

The source code is available within the Covid-19 analysis repository on GitHub.
Once you open the project in XCode you can start to add your own modifications which you might share with us.

Covid-19 analysis version 4.1 in xcode

You may also want to read some comments about details of the implementation in Swift and read the updated documentation of the REST API.

Hacktoberfest results#

During our Hacktoberfest contribution we found two contributors of which one was implementing automated tests for our REST API. This helps us a lot in providing the services on this server. Thanks a lot to both contributors.