Introduction to this site

This site contains the documentation of the Covid-19 analysis available on GitHub. It also hosts the REST API that is used by our C# sample that you can download the Windows setup here.
To access the REST API you can also use this link providing a simple web frontend.

Technolgy used here#

We use an Odroid XU4 as the hardware running a minimal Ubuntu as an operation system with Docker installed. Inside the Docker container here are 3 Docker images holding this website using nginx, the REST API using the FastAPI and traefik to route the traffic on the site. The system is connected to a private repository on GitHub that is using a self hosted GitHub Actions runner. Once we push an update for the website in our private GitHub repository, GitHub will connect to this system to start a re-build on the changed components. Thanks to some home made applications, scripts and Make this process is fully automated.

Website structure#

Beside a common About section you can read about our intention and motivation. In covid-19 analysis you will find most information about our project including links to all source code, while you can find information about this webserver and its architecture in this section.