Covid-19 analysis version 3


Version 3 of the Covid class and the samples using are now available. The repository has been updated and includes functions to get the 7-day inference for the selected countries. The 7-day inference is the sum of new cases during the last 7 days divided by the population of the country. In Germany a value bigger than 35 will involve additional attention to the area, while a value bigger than 50 will turn the area into a red zone, a high risk area with special rules depending on the reason for the high number.
Beside that some attribute names have changed to make it more intuitive to understand their meaning. Refer to the CovidCases class documentation to read about the attributes and what they represent.

The REST API has also been updated and the new attributes can be accessed by the simple web frontend as well as by your local installation after downloading the sources.

The native Windows application has been updated as well. You can download the setup here. The setup may remove a previous installation. This is a screen shot of the application: