Covid-19 analysis version 4


We proudly release version 4 of our work. It introduces some new functionality to generate world maps showing heatmaps of the outbreak. A new class called Colormap generates a color value for a given number in the range of a given minimum and maximum. The CovidMap class takes the CovidCases data frame and picks up any column of the data frame, calculates the minimum and maximum for a given date and gets the color value for each country. This data is then fed into Pygal, a Python module to show maps. The following picture shows such a map of the 7-day incidence for October 22nd:

October22nd:7-day incidence

Of course the Jupyter Notebook has been modified to show this maps. See its sample output here.

There have been major changes in the documentation as well. Since version 4 we use the Python Docstring Generator for the documentation which helps a lot during the development as it always displays the documentation while typing in Visual Studio Code.
Refer to the changelog available on GitHub for a complete list of changes in this release.

YouTube videos#

Using the new functionality we generated some time-lapse videos that we published on YouTube. The videos help a lot to understand the outbreak over the time and they are also available in our download area.

This website#

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