Covid-19 analysis version 5.2

Vaccination progress of countries#

The latest version of our CovidCases class supports the vaccination progress of given countries. This includes absolute and percentage data of first and completely vaccinated people as well as daily vaccinations and the number of doses administered overall. The changes are reflected in the CovidCases and CovidCasesOWID classes. Refer to the CovidCases class 5.2 documentation and the CovidCases sub-classes 5.2 documentation for details.

Vaccine Doses Administered

Percent Persons received all doses

Updated REST API#

The REST API now lets you switch between different data providers. This is done by the new parameter called data_source. This can be WHO or OWID. If the parameter is not given it will use WHO as a default. The REST API now also includes vaccination data for the given list of countries. Refer to the REST API version 5.2 for details.

Updated web clients for Windows and MacOS#

Both of the web clients of the REST API for Windows and MacOS have been updated to support the new features. Installers for the web clients are available in our download area.

For MacOS users
After copying the application to the applications directory you need to start it for the first time with a right-click and selecting execute to approve the application. Afterwards you can start it with the regular double-click. This is the common procedure for none-AppStore applications.

All updated source code can be downloaded from our Covid-19 analysis repository on GitHub.